What do my clients say about me?

"The contact with Lisa was good from the first moment. We are very happy that we chose Lisa as the photographer for our wedding.
We didn't notice she was there, which is reflected in photos that we had no idea were taken. These unexpected and spontaneous photos are the most fun for us to look at and show how we experienced the day.
We still look back on our wedding day with a big smile when we see the beautiful photos that Lisa took for us. We got to know Lisa as a photographer who thinks along and shares ideas on how photos can be improved, but also gives space to come up with ideas ourselves. We feel this is a big plus. Furthermore, Lisa is very easy to get along with and has a real sense of humor. This resulted in many funny, unplanned and sincere photos. Lisa, thank you so much for capturing our most beautiful day!'

~ Lynn & Cherish Holzken

'We were incredibly pleased when we came into contact with Lisa and she guided us with all her energy during our wonderful day.
Not only her way of working and the quality of the photos are beautiful, Lisa has a pleasant way of communicating and finds the right balance between blending in with the group, yet being invisible when this is needed.
As a result, she also captured the unscripted and spontaneous moments perfectly! I would absolutely recommend Lisa to my friends and family and we look forward to having Lisa capture more beautiful moments in the future (e.g. maternity shoot) Thank you Lisa for guiding us on our day!'

~ Alexander & Martine Kempers


"It is impossible to express how important your contribution to our day was! Enjoying the beautiful photos every day is the only tangible thing to look back on until the end of our days! Also for you personally I can not express how fantastic you do your job. You are there and then again, your'e not. You know how to catch every detail with a creative eye! A big thank you"

~ Kelly & Marijke van Berkel - Mallants

"We can only praise Lisa. A top photographer you really want to be a part of the most beautiful day of your life. There was an immediate connection between us from the moment we met. The engagement session was super nice for her and us and definitely recommended to get to know each other a bit. Lisa stands for no nonsense, brings peace to the often hectic day and takes beautiful photos. We were speechless when we saw our photos.
On our wedding day she was our shadow and never left our side. A day with with a smile and with a tear, but she was everywhere and knew how to capture emotions flawlessly.
Lisa was there as a photographer, but in our company it didn't feel that way. She was part of the company and had a click with many people. Even after our wedding we received many compliments about her from our guests."

~ Armand & Melanie Cammans-Jacobs

"It was very nice to have Lisa as a photographer at our wedding. We felt very comfortable with her, and we are very happy with how the photos turned out. The engagement shoot beforehand was also very nice to get to know each other a bit prior to the wedding."

~ Wendy & Kars


"Lisa is truly a fantastic wedding photographer. On the day itself we almost didn't realize she was there, and yet she took pictures from many different angles at all the right moments. Lisa is very kind and cheerful and makes you feel right at ease. The photos turned out beautiful. We are trying to make selections for the photo album, but everything is great, so that will be difficult. We can do nothing but recommend her!"

~ Francine & Kjell 't Hoen

"Our wedding was fantastic and Lisa's photos show it all. We are very happy with the photos she took for us. Lisa has perfectly captured movements, feelings and atmosphere - in short, the whole day - in very original photos.
Lisa was very nice to work with, only after seeing the pictures we knew where she was all day, she moved through the people and the ceremony without us noticing. When we did 'see' her, she was also very nice company. The communication was great before, during and after the wedding. We could ask her anything, anytime and would get an answer quickly.
Lisa, thank you!"

~ Saskia & Jeroen Akkermans

"During our wedding day, Lisa was present from early in the morning until dinner to capture our wedding day on a photo. She was more than successful in achieving this. We were very curious about the photos and when they came in, we looked t them with a big smile.
Lisa has perfectly captured the feeling we had during and after our wedding day in the many photos she took. It has become an atmospheric story in which our wishes are well recorded, but in which we are also really surprised because of the original angle with which Lisa made her photos.
In addition to the end result, we found the communication before, during and after the day very pleasant, informal and clear.
On the day itself Lisa moved inconspicuously, so it was never noticeable there was a photographer present. She sences that very well. We could not have wished for a better photographer for our wedding day and would like to thank Lisa and really recommend her to others!"

~ Bram & Lieke Opgenoort

"We are very happy that we chose Lisa as our wedding photographer! The communication beforehand was good and open, and Lisa is a very enthusiastic and relaxed person to have on your wedding day. We are very satisfied with the result, beautiful photos with a perfect mix between beautiful portraits and spontaneous moments during the day"

~ Jorieke & Guido van Mierlo

"We got to know Lisa when we were looking for a photographer for our wedding. What appealed to us so much were her bright and cheerful photos. During the first conversation we immediately got a good connection with her and we got to know her even better during our engagement shoot.
At our wedding, she was just part of the company and stood on the sidelines taking beautiful and intimate photos.
After our wedding it was an easy choice for us to have Lisa take photo's for our maternity and newborn shoot. It was so much fun doing these with her because she knows us well and we immediately felt comfortable in front of her camera. We are very satisfied and recommend her to everyone!"

~ Daphne & Jordie Jacobs

"We had our engagement shoot, wedding and newborn shoot taken care of by Lisa. You can say that she is now our family photographer ;-)
Each time the photos were fantastic. What really makes the difference in is that she can sense what your wishes are very well. She is also just very nice as a person to have around, whatever the occasion. I definitely recommend her!"

~ Sophie Bielderman-van Kleef

"Lisa has photographed our family twice now, and it was super easy going. You don't even notice that she is taking pictures!
She laughs, she jokes and chats with everyone. Meanwhile, she takes dozens of photos while you don't even realize it. This ensures the most beautiful result!!
She let's the children be children without making them pose or force anything"

~ Mandy Brunsveld

"Lisa is completely involved and has a real passion for photography. You can feel that right away!
We had a very good feeling when we first met. On the day itself she is present, but not visible. She stays in the background, but the result is beautiful! They takes 'in the moment' photos that we still look at every day with a feeling of happiness!
We had a perfect wedding day and Lisa was able to capture it perfectly in her photos. Our photoshoot in the afternoon also went very well. I was done with it, and we stopped immediately. She listens to your wishes on the day itself.
Me and my husband can really give the biggest recommendations for Lisa and the biggest compliments! We really got the most beautiful pictures and also a very large selection of beautiful photos. She spent the whole day with us around 12 noon and was able to capture it really well all day. Lisa, thank you so much for everything!"


~ Henriette Bijvank-Birlo

"Super happy with the photos Lisa has made for us. We have already done several sessions with her and are very satisfied every time!
We still enjoy looking at our newborn photos of both our children, but also the maternity photos.
Thank you Lisa, you are the best!"

~ Svenja van Haren-Fougret

"You really take beautiful pictures!! It was really nice and comfortable with you and also very familiar right away! You are a really great photographer with a lot of patience! I can recommend a photo session with you to everyone!!

~ Melanie Dassen-Toorens

"Dear Lisa, you are amazing!
You knew exactly what I wanted and that's how the pictures turned out.. Very beautiful!! Really recommended.
Thank you!"

~ Denise Marx

"I'm not only giving 5 stars but also 5 hearts!!
Very pleased with the beautiful photos! Lisa is a very sweet spontaneous woman where you immediately feel at ease with. Her qualities are perfect. Don't hesitate and make an appointment, a nice gift for yourself should also be possible, right?!"

~ Ankie de Bres

"What an amazing lady. She has everything you need, friendly, good insight, humor and an eye for detail.
Dealing with kids flawlessly, and on top of all that beautiful photos. Recommended!"

~ Angelique