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Hi, My name is Lisa and I am 38 years old.

I live in the South of the Netherlands with my husband Tim and our beautiful family of 7 kids: 5 boys and 2 ladies. There are also our two cats: Red and Smokey, and our lazy but hilarious bulldog Ollie. 

Photography is a family thing for me. As a child I used to walk through the mountains with my camera, encouraged by my father. This love has grown into a passion over the years and in May 2015 I turned this passion into my fulltime job by starting Lisa van Geenen Photography.

When I'm not walking around with a camera in my hands, I love to travel, I'm a food lover and I spend as much time as possible with my family and friends.

I like the emotion in a photo. A good photo is not taken from your camera, but from your heart. 
I like families as they are with their own characters, the magic of a pregnant belly, the pureness of a newborn baby and the love between 2 people on the day they get married!

Over the years I have developed my own style, which can mainly be described as light, soft and colorful, but with extra attention to detail.
I think it is very important to have a connection with my clients, because only when you allow me to get close, I can capture your true story!



My name is Saskia and I live in the South of the Netherlands with my husband Joris and our son Ruben.

Working as a physiotherapist in daily life, I came into contact with Lisa to photograph our family. After a number of photo sessions, a nice friendship has developed between us.

Photography has always been a love for me and when I wanted to develop my skill by following a photography workshop with Lisa, I found out she was looking for a second photographer within her company.
It soon became clear to us we wanted to grow and take this next step together.

Lisa trained me to be a photographer, which has led to us to being completely attuned to each other, which makes our working method and vision identical.

Since 2022 I have not only been working as a second shooter but also as a full wedding photographer within Lisa van Geenen Photography!

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